Monday, April 20, 2015

Dr. Mark Reichman's Celebrity Smiles

Just ask Dr. Mark Reichman - A person's teeth can make a good or bad first impression.  There are many products on the market today to make your teeth whiter or sparkle, but often these products alone are not enough.  Trying to fix your teeth yourself or use the latest DYI solution might actually cause more harm than good.  It is advised that you consult with a professionally licensed dentist prior to getting any work on your teeth done.

As a dental surgeon Dr. Mark Reichman has worked on the teeth of many high profile clients.  Although he is not at liberty to discuss who his clients are and does not claim to have worked on the celebrities listed here.  Below is a list of some celebrities that owe their smiles to their dentist.  Some also owe their plastic surgeon some credit :P

Disclaimer: Dr. Mark Reichman runs a private dentist practise in Vancouver, BC and does not claim to have worked on any of the celebrities teeth mentioned above.